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Jump for hope

For over 9 years, the Ordina-Cœur foundation holds their annual event called "Jump for Hope" at Voltige 2001. We choose twenty teenagers, boys and girls, diagnosed with cancer. We offer them a jump from 13,500 feet with 8,500 feet of freefall. The descent is filmed and photographed. Moreover, the attendance prizes are offered to each and every participant. Lunch, offered to families and friends, allows them to share their experiences with other young people struggling with the same disease.

Groupe d'Ordinacoeur 2009

Ordina-Cœur chose Voltige 2001 not only because of their professionalism and security standards, but also for their kindness, generosity and positive attitude. Whether it is Martine, Mario or Richard, all of the instructors, packers or pilots all of the staff meet us with warm welcoming year after year.

Ordina-Cœur is very proud to be associated with the Voltige team, which helps these young people diagnosed with cancer, to live an unforgettable experience and to take a well-deserved break in their fight with this devastating disease.

At the team Voltige 2001: THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Benoît Delorme, president of the
Ordina-Cœur Foundation