Tandem jump: typical day

Typical tandem day schedule

Registration at the manifest

When you arrive, you will need to check-in at the Manifest. The Manifest is a place where all of the jumps and payments are coordinated. Our customer service representatives will be happy to welcome you.

Once registered, you will be invited to the waiting area, until we call your name. You will be able to observe skydivers and watch landings while you wait, to give you a small taste of what you are about to experience.

The training

A tandem jump requires a simple 15-minute training. A qualified instructor will explain all of the details of your jump and the equipment used. Relax, your instructor will be taking care of everything during your jump!

Signing the waiver

At the end of teh training, the instructor will ask you to complete a waiver document. By signing this document you confirm your knowledge and acceptance of the admission requirements. It is also important to mention at this time if you have any known illnesses or injuries.

Gear up and equipment

You will begin gearing up approximately 15 mintues prior to your flight's take off. You will be given a one-piece jumpsuit that is put on over your clothes.

You will appreciate if you wear comfortable clothing underneath your jumpsuit. During colder temperatures, try to put on several layers, as opposed to one heavy sweater, as it will help to keep you warm better. We also advise you to wear running shoes without the metal hooks.

Once your suit is on, the instructor will help you put on the harness and attach all of the straps. He will also assist you in properly adjusting the harness to make sure it is snug comfortable and secure.

You will then be advise not to touch any adjustments and to trust your instructor. Over 15,000 jumps are made annually at Voltige.

The videographer


If you chose the DVD Package option, the cameraman will come and introduce him/herself and will begin filming a few minutes before you enter the aircraft, ensuring the priceless memories of this unforgettable experience.

Try to forget the presence of the cameraman and keep natural, you will be amazed with the result.

The instructor

Your instructor is a professional skydiver, having made hundreds of jumps and being specifically certified to perform tandem jumps. Our chief instructor was one of the first skydivers to introduce the training for tandem skydiving in Canada.

At Voltige, our instructors' passion for our sport is contagious!


Get the most out of the great atmosphere!

After a short 2-minute walk, you are now ready to board the plane.

Your friends and family will be able to walk you right up to the Cessna Grand Caravan. Prior to the boarding, your instructor will once again verify your harness and equipment.

Ride to the altitude

During the ride to the altitude, you will have approximately 20 minutes to enjoy the view of Joliette, in our beautiful Lanaudière region. When the weather conditions are perfect, you will even be able to see Montreal. So your jump will actually include a complimentary plane ride.

Five minutes prior to the jump, your instructor will quickly remind you the key points of the jump and will complete the final harness verification.

The aircrafr exit

The aircraft exit is one of the strongest moments of your jump. The door opens and the emotions skyrocket! If you took the DVD Package option, your cameraman will exit and hold on to the door, in order to get the best angle when you jump.

Just before the jump, you and your instructor will be placed on your knees in front of the door. And here we go! Your instructor will guide you to exit… You're in freefall for the next 50 seconds of pure adrenaline and pure joy : a truly unforgettable experience!


From the top altitude of 13,500 ft (4,200 m), it will take you approximately 10 seconds to reach the terminal velocity of 200 km/h. Unlike you may expect, you will be very comfortable and conscious.

The freefall

Once you've reached the terminal velocity and your instructor stabilizes your position, you will feel as if you were flying like a bird. Unlike many people think, freefall does not give you the feeling of falling, because the air resistance allows you to control your position and movements. We actually feel as if we were lying on a very soft cushion.

Your instructor will make slow 360 degree turns for you to see the spectacular views, most of the times above the clouds. Enjoy each moment and keep your eyes wide open as the time flies very quickly with all of these emotions.

Parachute opening

At the altitude of 5,000 ft (1,524 m), or 50 seconds after you exit the plane, your instructor will give you the signal that he is about to open the parachute.

The feeling of the parachute opening can be compared to putting on brakes while driving.

Tandem parachute opening at sunset

Under canopy

After the freefall, a fantastic 5-minute flight under an open parachute will be waiting for you. You will appreciate the gorgeous scenery of the Lanaudière and the Assomption river. You had never felt the freedom this way!

If you ask, your instructor can let you control the canopy and you can even make turns. It is at this moment when the most daring will get the taste of independent flight and will inquire about the Skydiving training.

The landing

Nowadays, parachute landings are nothing like they were in the past. Today, we can land very softly, safely and in close proximity to your friends and family who come to watch you jump. You will feel accomplished and empowered all of a sudden which are the effects of the adrenaline. You will never look at the sky in the same way again.

The certificate

Once you land, your instructor will give you your official First Jump Certificate.

This certificate, signed by your instructor, is necessary if you decide to take your PFF course, as it requires at least one prior tandem jump.

DVD Package

If you had ordered a DVD Package, it will be available within 30 minutes after your landing.

We have a TV, designated specifically for you to be able to watch the DVD of your jump with your friends and family, before returning home.

Your comments

We welcome you to leave comments and feedback about your experience, by completing our customer feedback form on-site or online. Your comments are greatly appreciated, as they help us to continuously improve our services and customer experience.

Some comments will be posted on our website.

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