Tandem jump at Voltige near Montreal

Tandem skydiving near Montreal

Only minutes from Montreal, Voltige Skydiving School allows you to jump in Tandem, the ideal way to discover skydiving and experience freefall on your very first jump.

Un groupe de sauteurs tandem avant le sautAttached to a highly experienced instructor with comfortable and secure harness, you can fully experience your first skydive, as everything is taken care of by the instructor. You will go through special training prior to your jump. After approximately 20 minutes on the plane, and one reached the altitude of 13,500 feet (4,200m) you will leap into the air for a 50-second freefall, at an impressive speed of 200 km/h. Your instructor will then open the parachute at 5,000 feet. The canopy descent will take approximately 5 minutes and will finish with a soft landing.

You can pre-book the services of one of our videographers to immortalize this experience by choosing the DVD Package.

A tandem skydive garantee you an unforgettable experience that will make you discover freedom and adrenaline that the freefall brings. Invite your family and friends to watch your jump live.

Please note that certain weather conditions may cause jump cancelations. Visit our page, explaining a typical tandem jump procedure and our FAQ section if you would like to read more details.