You plan to jump? Leave this experience with photos and video from your parachute jump.

Memory Box

The DVD Package allows you to immortalize this unique moment and life experience. By choosing this option, you can see and re-live your jump over and over again, as many times as you like.

Filmed tandem jump

An experienced videographer will film you on the ground, on the place and in freefall. He/she will also take digital photos throughout your entire jump.

The DVD Package include the DVD of your jump video, of approximately 8 minutes, that has been professionally edited with sound and music. It also include multiple photos in freefall that you will be able to print or enlarge as you like, as they will be available in very high resolution.(The photos are a courtesy of Voltige and are not guaranteed. This includes, but is not limited to all defects of the camera, framing, quantity of photos available, as well as image quality. There are no reimbursements for the photos. In the case of a defective video, the DVD Package fees will be reimbursed, however, the fees associated with the jump itself will not be reimbursed).

Before you leave, you can view the DVD of your jump with your group. We have an area that is specifically designated for this.

At Voltige, in order to ensure the highest quality and the best experience, all of the photos and videos are taken by professional videographers and not by tandem instructors.

An example of a video

Here are examples of videos that have been provided to our clients. Please note that the quality of these videos, pleaced on the web, has been reduced, to allow for better streaming.